T.O. Extreme Off Road and SunCity Outdoors are in Business



I want to let everyone know that T.O. Extreme Off Road based in Saline, KS is working alongside with SunCity Outdoors to bring to you, the future in your Camping, Roof Top Tent Lifestyle, and Overland Experience!  If you are wondering what T.O. Extreme Off Road has to offer, its very simple. Overland Trailers done right, light weight and extremely durable.  A little History of T.O. Extreme Off Road. It is actually is a spin off of a company called Twin Oaks Inc. Twin Oaks played with the idea of making an affordable camping trailer where people are not spending 15K to get an overland style experience.  They have perfected the Axle Less Suspension and only use the best "Timbren" suspension parts.  Twin Oaks has been machining, fabricating, welding, etc since 1987.  That is over 31 years of experience and being in business for that time frame, you can say these trailers are done right the first time.  Here is a little bit of what and who they are from their website. 


"In 1987, Twin Oaks Industries, Inc. was founded by Ronald and Timothy Ochs to begin operations in the metal fabrication industry.  The vision of the founders was to become a leading edge manufacturer in the metal fabrication arena. 

Today, through continued growth, experience and diversification, Twin Oaks Industries, Inc. stands among the best in providing custom metal fabrication, machining, welding and assembly services!

Our products today are used throughout the world on equipment and products representing many different segments of our economy.

Twin Oaks Industries, Inc. has demonstrated the capability to supply quality parts to satisfy the demands of a wide variety of manufacturing applications. "

They have two Trailer Series the:

Rugged 'N Ready 60" High Country Trailer

Rugged ’N Ready 72” Backwoods Trailer

So with all that being said, T.O. Extreme has been to many different Overland Expo in the Untied States showcasing their products.  They have over 1.3K in social media following and growing.  And with my membership following it will grow! I am glad to be apart of this company in reselling these trailers.  And being able to add these to you all in either package deals or Trailer only purchases.  If you have already purchase with me already.  I know this is going to be a great addition to another Product that I can stand by.  And I cant wait for you to be purchasing these from me provided by another trusted company! 

So lets get this out and going! And as always get out there and create memories that will last!

-Edward Butron